My time in Dubai

I had the privilege of revisiting a church in Dubai to serve alongside their worshipteam. Our main focus was the Women’s Conference where ladies from all different backgrounds, nationalities and belief systems came together to be empowered by the truth of who God says we are. In perspective, being invited into a Muslim country where women have little to no say has God’s fingerprints all over it – and how absolutely true this was. Being on stage most of the time behind the keyboard in the corporate worship settings, as well as the ministry times where ladies came to receive prayer, I saw God powerfully touch hearts and redeem women who had been enslaved to bondage, lies and sickness. I was incredibly moved seeing the women who chose to stay on the outskirts of the room deeply ministered to through songs that were being sung over them. Only the Holy Spirit can do this work, and I am forever grateful that I got to partner with Him, and see with my own eyes how every word sung and note played softened hearts and anchored truth into their spirits. After the conference testimonies came flooding in from the ladies who had been healed, delivered and set free. Word also came from the church office that their counseling sessions had been cut down in half!!!!
Wow, wow, wow!

The church in Dubai has a big heart for worship and from the first song in a worshipset I would always see hungry hearts so ready to give their all. There is however the reality of the incredible heaviness over this area. I was struck, more than ever, by the truth that we are in a spiritual battle. The very fact that this church exists and operates week after week is a miracle in itself, but my heart broke when God opened my eyes to His deep compassion for His children that are lost. My observation is that the church in Dubai have the incredible privilege and opportunity to worship and know that every word sung and declared of the truth of our Lord and Saviour, takes ground in the spiritual realm. Worship is their warfare! And standing in the middle of Dubai proclaiming through song that He is the only way, truth and life has been raw worship to me like no other!
Our God is stronger than any force of darkness.
He is living, breathing and moving amongst us.
And for what I’ve seen, I have every reason to sing praises until the end of my days.

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