My King

Abba Father
How lovely it is to call upon your name
Nothing comes close to the love you have shown us,
The constant affection you lavish on us. May we join in, and lavish our praises on you. May we be like children keeping our eyes ever fixed on you, copying your every move, daily becoming more and more like You.
You are beautiful, everything you touch turns into a song
Even when I can’t understand what you are doing yet I will join in with thankfulness and admire the works of your hands. Your creation shouts in absolute wonder of you
Holy holy, worthy of all attention and adoration
May we behold your splendor, capture the pieces of You that we would be able to contain
Mighty warrior, strong, fierce and bold King
Your ways are magnificent
We bow down in awe before you
All majestic one
You deeply know us, and call us your own
Thank you for your perfect love, the costly sacrifice of your son and the unending mercy and grace you show us daily.
We owe you more than we could possibly gather to give throughout our entire life span, yet nothing excites you more than our eyes on you. All you want is our hearts, so we will gladly give you every part. And if I were to grow so comfortable to start trusting in my own strength again, in your suppressed might and utter righteousness, guide me back home.
In your arms, ear pressed to your heart is where I ever want to be found.
Fully sold out to you!
Holding nothing back
I am forever yours!
My King and Saviour
Perfect Father, true Friend

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