Face to face with God (prayer)

“Lord, I ask for the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You.
I desire to encounter Your presence and not just understand Your principles.
You are always good, but I have not always allowed the revelation
of Your goodness to draw me to You.
Lord, cleanse and purify my heart to run after You with reckless abandon.
Help me to see Your encounters with people in the Scripture, in history, and around me as revelation of what is available to me.

Lord, I desire to behold You more fully.
Remove the veil of unbelief from my heart.
Let Your light shine on my heart so I may know Your glory in the face of Christ.
I desire to know the One in whose image I was made.
Help me to cease attempting to find my identity in my performance.
Let me find my true self revealed in Your countenance.
Let me not be satisfied by a partial transformation into Your image.
I desire to become a mature manifestation of Christ in the earth.
Captivate my heart with who You are.

Let me see Your true worthiness so that the value of anything I must surrender in order to have You is revealed to be nothing in comparison.

Respectability cannot fulfill my heart’s desire; only greater measure of Your presence will satisfy me.
Lord, give me wisdom and grace to recognize and resist distractions and deception that would stifle my desire for You and lead me to hide from You.
Keep my heart burning to come before You and remain open to You.
Encounter me, I pray.”

– Face to face with God, by Bill Johnson

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