Self-worth Declaration

I have been challenged numerous times by the topic of boundaries.
I am humbly grateful that by God’s grace I have been able to form boundaries to respect myself and to stand firm in drawing the line when situations tempt us to do the opposite of what we are comfortable with in order to please someone else.
Overstepping boundaries to fulfill someone else’s desires or needs is the greatest burden. You sit with a sense of shame, feeling cheap and disrespected. The pace that I walk in a relationship differs from my neighbour, and this needs to be honoured. It is diminishing to simply brush off my uncomfortability to run at the pace that someone else is comfortable with. And yes, through past disappointments we do become more guarded and careful, but if someone does not respect your boundary and pace now, how would they ever respect and honour you with your guard down!?

So I wrote down a declaration to strengthen myself whenever I do get tempted to overlook my needs.
We have great value, and I pray that this empowers you to honour your self-worth, refusing to comply to all the loud voices of the world*

“I am not hard on myself
I respect myself and value my purity and worth.
I am valuable and pursue relationships where my value is treasured and respected.
I have God-standards and will not apologize for them, bend them or ignore them, but live by them.
I am not willing to settle for anything less than that which God has for me.
I believe in my worth and refuse to remain in situations that make me feel worthless, cheap or second best, because that is simply not the way my Father sees me.
Looking after my needs is not selfish.
Voicing my needs is powerful and responsible.
I have wants, desires, and needs and steward them well. 
I have strong boundaries that stand firm against manipulation, other’s opinions and desires.
I highly value these boundaries as they showcase my self-respect and diligent pursuit and protection for purity.
I do not need to overstep my boundaries to comfort or feed someone else’s needs or desires.
I take ownership of myself.
Someone else’s security and self-worth does not depend on me.
Whether other’s agree or understand these boundaries, I will continue to value myself and respect the safety of my heart

I love well
I will keep my love on towards others regardless of their actions.
I am not a victim – They are not a victim
I am not their rescuer – They are not my rescuer
I stand firm in God’s thoughts towards me and allow His words to lead me forward”



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