In our every day lives rushing becomes the norm
If we’re not busy, we’re ‘lazy’ and we need to ask our day planner whether coffee with a friend would be allowed.
Ruled by the next best thing, and forever rushing, convinced that if we could just get there, everything would be better.
We’re constantly pulled away from reality through emails and temporary notifications screaming our name, and quality time, if we’re lucky, lasts just long enough until our plates are empty.

We hunger and lust after things that would never satisfy, yet we are consumed as consumers.
Blown away like the dust, we are rushing after wind and I too find myself ever so guilty. Wasting precious moments by scrolling down avenues on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, that add absolutely no value to our lives, yet hours, so quickly pass by.

We are addicted…
Addicted to the next best thing
To our posts being seen by people we might not have ever seen.

I challenge us, myself included, to stop.
Take a good moment and just breathe it all in, without any photos to remind you of it, because no one really needs to know where you’ve checked in.
Be fully invested in the now and allow yourself to rest, we were never made to be machines.
Capture memories, and be jealous for every second of life, you only have it once
People deserve our undivided attention, so let the phone ring, the television make it’s noise, and get to know the sound of friends and family in person, because when you do, you’re actually telling them THEY’RE WORTH IT!

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