Burning ones

“Make me a lamp, burning in my generation”

I must burn!
I have seen and tasted too much.
How beautiful the face of my King.
I dare not look away. I can not afford to miss a glimpse of You.
How could I be satisfied by the things of this world when I have tasted Your love.
Oh the depths I still have to plummet into Your kindness and wisdom.
Your righteousness and grace, a never-ending stream that can fill my mouth with praise forever and ever.
Your ways are beautiful, Lord.
My heart resounds of Your works and all that You have done.
How could I keep quiet?
May Your name always be on my lips.
I will share the mysteries of You everywhere I go.
In every moment, every season, my song will rise with thankfulness to You.
I will shout at the top of my lungs, and in boldness proclaim the love of my Saviour.
A love like this is hard to keep silent
Every breath I take is a gift covered in grace and I want to use it to bring pure glory to Your name.
You are kind, gracious, merciful, forgiving, generous, loving, righteous, understanding, just, faithful, humorous, patient, gentle, pure, good, true, creative, mighty, constant, whole, and devoted.
I am captured in Your Presence.
I am saturated in the living, breathing Presence of the Almighty.

Stir in my soul a passion like never before.
May I wake up expectant and eager to see all the blessings You have hidden for me throughout the day, and may I be found recounting all the treasures You have given to me as the sun sets.
May I never grow satisfied with the mundane.
May I endure every obstacle, holding fast to Your promises regardless of the situation I find myself in.
May I go through any distance, any storm, stepping out of my comfort zone, full of faith, standing steadfast in Your truth, being anchored in You and You alone.
May I love Your word, and always lose track of time whilst reading it.
May my hands be as open as Your hands are towards me.
May my heart burn for the lost and for Your Kingdom to manifest on earth as it is in Heaven
May I long to see the mandate of Your Great Commission to be fulfilled.
May I always carry the fire of compassion and love for my brothers and sisters.
May I be full of action and full of love.
May everything I say and do speak of Your redeeming love.

And may I one day stand before You, looking into familiar eyes and still be Your burning one

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